Friday, June 13, 2008

Some notes from dee....





Scroll down to get to the good stuff but before you do just some general "housekeeping." You may notice that my website is down (not this blog, my blah website.) I pay yearly in June and just was not feeling my website any more (if I ever did at all.) It is in major need of a face lift! So, it will be down for a while getting some much needed improvements. It will probably take a while :) In the meantime, if you need information from me just give me a call or e-mail me at

June marks my anniversary for La-dee-da Photography and is also a time for me to set new goals and evaluate where I am at. I could not sleep last night because my head was buzzing with new ideas, etc... I'm excited! One thing I want to do is take my skills to the next level and be cutting edge. I "tried" a little of that today. While I will still shoot the traditional shots, each shoot I will be incorporating in some artistic elements too. Such as angles, expressions, etc... Adan and K were the perfect clients (thanks guys for letting me play a little today.)

Finally, you may remember I had two goals I set last year.

1. Shoot a destination wedding
2. Shoot a birth

By the end of the summer/early September I hope to have done both. Both are planned to happen! I can't wait to share!
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Mr. Adan is about to be ONE!





...with a smile that will melt your heart. Today was Adan's time in the spotlight! I am so proud of mommy K to bring out her youngest boy for his special shoot. Adan has the sweetest smile, was happy to have me take his pictures and was such a good boy the whole shoot. He is a doll, making my job way too easy! I love this shoot!!!! Isn't mom beautiful too!

K- I hope you love these pics as much as I do....I am hoping to gain your permission to use these on my new site! So happy that you brought Adan to the park today and we were able to capture these images!
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Adan & Mommy




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Monday, June 2, 2008

A mom and her boy...





These two hold a very special place in my heart. I think the world of both of them! I love having the opportunity to capture them together. I know the love, I know the bond and I know the hopes and dreams this mama has for this boy. I hope these pics capture that, ALWAYS. It is my privelage to have these two people in my life and a blessing to be their photographer!

***Get ready- I posted ALOT from this shoot.****
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I'm going to have to restrain myself on posting Zachary Zu! This was not our "first rodeo" together. I know his energy level, those adorable dimples and the distractions it will take to get him to sit still if even for a second. He knows that I'll be chasing after him for that picture, pointing that big black camera at him and he knows he is faster than me. I snap, snap, snap hoping to get something that will make mama Nat smile. Was I a happy girl when I uploaded these pics (that took over 3 hours!) The range of expressions, those precious shots of him sitting down "posing" for the camera and that heartbreaker smile! I'm holding back on posting (these are only from the first 50 shots of the over 300) more (its hard but I'm gonna do it) because I'm hoping to surprise Natalie when that slideshow begins rolling.
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More faves....





Ok....I realize this is over kill but with over 500 pics to choose from I just can't help but posting lots! Besides it's my blog and I can do what I like! smile....
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The Shafer Girls and their family





While it was a little tricky to catch so many looking and smiling all at the same time, in the end I think it all worked out perfectly to capture this loving and happy family. Maybe it is because I think so highly of this family and am biased but I just love this shoot. They put a smile on my face!
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Kyle, Tenille, Caityn and Grant





Nat's sister and her family! Don't they make a beautiful family! I do believe these kiddos are the sweetest and most compliant under 7 clients ever. So patient and kind! It was such pleasure spending some time with them in the park. In total, I shot over 500 pics. I could have posted of them because this family is so photogenic! It was great to see you guys again!
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