Friday, December 21, 2007

Sweet baby Logan





I had to limit myself to only 4 pics....I could have kept posting and posting. Mom and dad have not seen these yet- delivering this afternoon. However, could not wait. Nothing better than a newborn, especially when they are as sweet as this one! So beautiful and tiny and mom and dad are completely mesmerized with there little one....I think the pics really capture the emotion. I love this shoot!

***Side note....this dad played ball against my Michael in the NY-Penn League when Michael was with the Cubs organization and Michael works with the Mom's dad @ HEB. We did not make any of these connections until the end of the session- What a small world!
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Abby & Caroline





It is always so much fun to shoot in client's homes. It adds a new element to my style and gives me a new challenge with lights, etc.... I was so excited to be asked to come capture these two munchkins in their element. Love these little girls! Abby is at that age where there is so much more to do than take time for pics :) but little Miss Caroline was all over posing for the camera! Ami- thanks for this opportunity and I hope we captured what you were looking for!
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Sisters...Addison & Carson





Having a sister myself, I know just how much of a blessing it is to be a sister. I loved being able to capture this relationship and this age. These girls were so much fun and played along with each suggestion I gave and even added some of their own! Addison & Carson, you are both beautiful, confident girls....I enjoyed "working" with you!
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The Maas Family





We've known the Maas Family for a couple years now....but there was one member we had not met yet! Meet Baby Henry! I can't get over how much he resembles big brother Aaron. Don't you love the two brothers together! Precious memories!
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Miss Addie is back! You may remember this cutie pie from birthday pics last April. Doesn't she just have that angelic look. Precious girl that always has the most darling outfits! It was great to see you guys again!
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Abram & Adan





How precious are these two???? I knew it was going to be a fun session when they showed up with matching "fi-fighter" shirts! Little Adan was full of precious smiles! Abram was so expressive so I got some great facial expressions of him. It was so great to see you guys again! They just get cuter and cuter!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Graduate





Congratulations to Angelica on her graduation! She was such a great subject- allowing me to try out my "book" idea. So proud of you for accomplishing this goal! I hope these pictures serve to remind you of this major milestone! All my best to you!
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I'm loving these!





Oh the Gingrich's! I have shot my dear friends numerous time....but these, in my opinion, take the cake. I love them all! And because I know Nat will be checking this blog, I am saving my ultimate favorites for her to see on the disk. I love the life, love and happiness that shows in these pictures! Mr. Z had some superfabulous poses for these...could the little guy be any cuter? I think not! I wanted so badly to get the perfect shot for my sweet friend. You see, she is alot, ALOT, like me. I know how important these will be to her. I hope these bring a huge smile to your faces. I might have even shed a happy tear over these (shhh....don't tell.)

Jess, Nat and Z- Love ya guys!
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And more....




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The twins & the gang....





Great- grandparents, grandparents, great uncle, uncle, mom and dad....that is who the twins, Hayden and Cale, brought with them this morning to the Botanical Gardens. Over 450 pics and I could share every single one on this blog! Such a beautiful family that is totally in love with these two! It was such a privelage to capture these moments! Enjoy!
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The whole gang!




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