Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Graduate





Congratulations to Angelica on her graduation! She was such a great subject- allowing me to try out my "book" idea. So proud of you for accomplishing this goal! I hope these pictures serve to remind you of this major milestone! All my best to you!
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I'm loving these!





Oh the Gingrich's! I have shot my dear friends numerous time....but these, in my opinion, take the cake. I love them all! And because I know Nat will be checking this blog, I am saving my ultimate favorites for her to see on the disk. I love the life, love and happiness that shows in these pictures! Mr. Z had some superfabulous poses for these...could the little guy be any cuter? I think not! I wanted so badly to get the perfect shot for my sweet friend. You see, she is alot, ALOT, like me. I know how important these will be to her. I hope these bring a huge smile to your faces. I might have even shed a happy tear over these (shhh....don't tell.)

Jess, Nat and Z- Love ya guys!
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And more....




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The twins & the gang....





Great- grandparents, grandparents, great uncle, uncle, mom and dad....that is who the twins, Hayden and Cale, brought with them this morning to the Botanical Gardens. Over 450 pics and I could share every single one on this blog! Such a beautiful family that is totally in love with these two! It was such a privelage to capture these moments! Enjoy!
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The whole gang!




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