Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Jackson

One of the many blessings of doing photography is getting to spend time with so many amazing people. I have known Alyson and Korey since our days at TLU. Michael and Korey played baseball together, which naturally meant that Alyson and I would be friends. In fact, we were bat girls together for several years! We are so lucky to still have them in our lives and I am so fortunate to get to do their photography. Besides the fact they are so sweet and amazing for the eyes and my camera lens, Alyson is a doctor- an OBGYN. She was a major source of support and information for me when trying to decide on having a c-section.

Madison is the most beautiful little girl (check out those eyes!) She and I are friends :) I was so happy for my friends when they announced that a baby boy would be joining their family. Of course, he is precious and perfect in every way!

Congratulations my dear friends!




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natalie said...

they'll LOVE these! great job! but jackson is just as cute as could be so he must have been 'easy' to photograph! heck, the whole family is! :)

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